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Piyasa Fiyatları Nasıl Okunur?

3.5 hours
All Levels

Trilyon iş hacmine sahip bir piyasa Forex’te çok iyi olmak …

What you'll learn
Forex'ı neden tercih ediyoruz ?
Forex'teki Temel İlkeler
Piyasa fiyatları nasıl okunur ?
Döviz kurunu neler etkiler ?
Grafikler nasıl okunur ?
En popüler trendler nelerdir ?
Japon mum çubukları nedir ?
Karlı Sözleşmeler nasıl yapılır ve nasıl kapatılır ?
Forex işlemleri nasıl yapılır ?

Yapısal Analiz modeliyle anlık trade taktikleri (tüm piyasa)

5 Lessons
2.6 hours
All Levels

If you’re struggling to lose weight or stick to a …

What you'll learn
Be able to use simple tricks and techniques to make self-control easier.
Actually apply these strategies and make a deliberate effort to understand their effects
Have a huge advantage when it comes to sticking to your diet
Meeting your fitness goals, and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Ekonomi 101 | A’dan Z’ye Ekonomi

5 Lessons
5.9 hours

This Instagram course is designed for anyone who want to …

What you'll learn
Have valuable skills that will help you effectively build a strong community of Instagram followers
Convert them to paying customers, and finally sell them your products and services.
You'll also receive practice activities, live demonstrations, and helpful resources
Gathering a strong relevant following, to increasing the profit of your business.

Hisse Portföy Yönetimi (8 Farklı Strateji)

2 Lessons
3.3 hours
All Levels

This course was specifically created for dog owners or dog …

What you'll learn
Learn to trim black or white nails on puppies and dogs
Have the essentials on hand if you need to bathe your dog at home
Learn what your dog's ears are telling you and how to clean their ears at home