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Piyasa Fiyatları Nasıl Okunur?

3.5 hours
All Levels

Trilyon iş hacmine sahip bir piyasa Forex’te çok iyi olmak …

What you'll learn
Forex'ı neden tercih ediyoruz ?
Forex'teki Temel İlkeler
Piyasa fiyatları nasıl okunur ?
Döviz kurunu neler etkiler ?
Grafikler nasıl okunur ?
En popüler trendler nelerdir ?
Japon mum çubukları nedir ?
Karlı Sözleşmeler nasıl yapılır ve nasıl kapatılır ?
Forex işlemleri nasıl yapılır ?


5 Lessons
3.9 hours
All Levels

Engaging and motivating students are always very challenging task faced …

What you'll learn
Become a highly engaging trainer for corporate training
Become an effective learning designer for the 21st century classroom

Yapısal Analiz modeliyle anlık trade taktikleri (tüm piyasa)

6 Lessons
12 hours
All Levels

The Ultimate Photography Course will show you how to take …

What you'll learn
"The difference between manual and automatic shooting and which one you should use.
You'll learn to use natural and artificial lighting in photos and understand the scale of white balance.
We’ll then go through 11 types of photography and learn the best gear and tips to use."

Grafikler Üzerinde Teknik Analiz Uygulamaları

18.8 hours
All Levels

How do consumers see your brand relative to your competitors? …

What you'll learn
From one-off customer satisfaction surveys to brand tracking surveys that are administering on a continuous basis, they provide the information that marketers need to understand how their products, services and brands are seen by consumers.
In Analytic Methods for Survey Data, statistical learners will become familiar with established methods for converting survey responses to insights that can support marketing decisions.
Techniques discussed include factor analytics, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis and multi-dimensional scaling.